Lorain County Criminal Law Attorney

If you have been arrested in Ohio, you have doubtless been put into the system without adequate explanation of what is going on. You may know your charges, but you need to know the procedures and, most importantly, what you can do to protect yourself.

You have several Constitutional rights, such as the right to an attorney and the right to keep silent so you don’t incriminate yourself by accident. Lorain County Criminal Defense Attorney James V. Barilla has been successfully defending his clients for over twenty years, and he can help protect your rights and fight to help you get the best  possible result for your case.


Many people who have never been arrested before get charged with Operating a Vehicle under the Influence. The situation can be frightening, especially when you are undergoing the battery of sobriety tests.

The consequences can be very serious, depending on the circumstances and whether it is a first time offense, with jail terms ranging from days to years. You can be fined between $250 and  $10,000, and your driving privileges can be ordered suspended for a period of six months up to a permanent suspension. Calling an attorney as soon as possible can help you mitigate damages, including to your driver’s license.


While misdemeanors may not sound serious to some, they can carry serious consequences. You can receive jail time, fines, probation, and some misdemeanor convictions can be used to enhance future charges.

Misdemeanor crimes can include disorderly conduct, trespass, petty theft, battery and some drug charges, like minor possession and possession of marijuana. An attorney can help you possibly keep these kinds of charges off your record so they don’t impact you later.


Many felonies in Ohio are classified by degree, while some are unclassified, like murder and aggravated murder. A fifth degree felony carries 6-12 months in prison, going up to a first degree felony where the penalty range is 3-11 years. Ohio also has mandatory sentences for some crimes, where the judge is not allowed to order a lesser prison term.

If you have been charged with a felony, you have a lot at stake. A conviction can follow you forever, making it difficult to get a job or home.

You need a fighter by your side who has the experience to truly make a difference on your case. Call the Law Office of James V. Barilla today for a free consultation.

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